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After the debut album and tour in 2022, Sam Snitchy is back with the second release "talking talking" in mai 2024. Book now!

Sam Snitchy - the man with many names and faces. 25 years of street, club and festival shows as Maniporno aka Melker with two album releases in 2016 and 2018 (Warmer Bros/Irascible). The Sam Snitchy debut album “get me wrong” (Voodoo Rhythm) came out in 2022 and was airplayed on Couleur 3, Grrif, SRF 3, BYTE.FM, Radio Rempart (F) and other online radio stations.

In February 2023 the Bernese Gutter-Poet and the musician and producer Marco Fuorigioco came together again to work on their second Sam Snitchy album. It was created and recorded during a heavy cyclone in Siracusa in Sicily, which proved to be the perfect backdrop for a synthetic trash punk protest. A few nasty ironic thoughts over blaring beats and hypnotic fuzzy basslines, crossed with analog acid-synths and psychedelic organ loops – it is a mantric album to heal the shit out of your lost soul.



the first album on vinyl, cd or buy one of our exclusive and handpicked third-hand t-shirts, designed by Beatman and silkscreened by the world famous Mister Butler..

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