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Sam Snitchy is a Punk-Electronica Band from Bern, Switzerland, formed in 2020 by Sam Snitchy (vocals) and the producer Fuorigioco (bass and synths). Live supported by Maze K on bass and Tobi Highm on drums. 

Sam Snitchy aka Maniporno aka Melker - a Bernese Gutter-poet & Trash-Author - the man with many names and faces. 25 years of street, club and festival shows through Switzerland and many other countries. Also known to be the house-act for the local football team Young Boys with his Abstract Street Poetic Trash Pop Band Maniporno. As Sam Snitchy known to be the strange guy next door and the loud one at the Bar that yells to each songs of the Dead Kennedys, the Ramones, Sleaford Mods or Public Enemy.

The album “get me wrong” came out on Voodoo Rhythm Records in Feb 22 and the single “cake” is airing on Couleur 3 (CH), SRF 3 (CH), BYTE.FM (D), Radio Rempart (F) among other radio stations.


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