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After the first tour of 35 shows in Switzerland and Europe, Sam Snitchy is coming up with the new single "Beaverstreet" in june and the second album release "Lobster Tales" in october 2023. 

The Bernese Gutter-Poet and Trash-Author is currently working on his second Sam Snitchy album with the musician and producer Marco Fuorigioco, who is responsible for the composing, instrumentation and recording. Sam Snitchy stands for a synthetical punk protest and on the new album "Lobster Tales" he's once more coming up with nasty and deeply ironic thoughts about a growing shallow and controversial lifestyle in an overexcited consumer world. Musically, Fuorigioco keeps again focused on hypnotic fuzzy basslines over smashing beats, crossed by analog acid-synths and repetitive psychedelic organs. A mantric album to heal the shit out of your lost soul. The new tour starts in oct 23, supported by the great Maze Kalin on bass and Tobi Highm on drums. 


Sam Snitchy - the man with many names and faces... 25 years of street, club and festival shows as Maniporno aka Melker as well as two album releases (Warmer Bros/Irascible). The debut album “get me wrong” (Voodoo Rhythm) came out in Feb 22 and had airplay on Couleur 3, Grrif, SRF 3, BYTE.FM, Radio Rempart (F) among other radio stations.



the first album on vinyl, cd or buy one of our exclusive and handpicked third-hand t-shirts, designed by Beatman and silkscreened by the world famous Mister Butler..

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